Tai Chi is a noncompetitive martial art known for its self-defense techniques and health benefits. It is an ancient Chinese tradition that has evolved over centuries as a means of alleviating stress and anxiety. Considered as a form of meditation in motion, Tai Chi promotes serenity and inner peace through the practice of gentle physical movements and stretching exercises with mindfulness. As a gentle exercise, it is safe for people of all ages because it does not place great strain on the muscles and joints of the body. Tai Chi offers a variety of benefits including greater energy and stamina, enhanced flexibility and balance, and lower blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health.
Master Ted Constant has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong for over 25 years, throughout which he has helped over a thousand people to improve their mental and physical health. Master Ted has taught Tai Chi to employees at several businesses, helping to boost their productivity. He has also provided several workshops for cancer patients at Gildas Club, the visually impaired at the Montreal Association for the Blind, and autistic children at Layton Hall.

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Qigong is a holistic system of coordinated body postures and movements, with breathing and meditation, used to enhance ones vital energy, health, and spirituality. It is taught as a method of self-healing, without clouding the mind with too many thoughts or ideas. Through Qigong training, one learns how to optimize breathing and flexibility through mental focus in order to maximize health.
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Qi Gong
Monday             9:30-10:30am
Wednesday      9:30-10:30am
Friday                9:30-10:30am
Advanced Tai Chi
Monday             10:30-11:30am
Wednesday      10:30-11:30am
Friday                10:30-11:30am
Beginner Tai Chi
Monday             11:30-12:30pm
Wednesday      11:30-12:30pm
Friday                11:30-12:30pm
Tai Chi & Qi Gong Classes

3-Month Membership